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AirwaySim is a new multi-player online game where you can manage your own airline. Compete against other players and their airlines in the tough airline business and see if you can beat them!

Online multi-player game

AirwaySim is a massive multi-player online game where you compete against other players around the world.

All players in the simulation are in control of an airline and the management moves you make will directly affect the operations of the other players.

Online game - no software required!

All you need to play is a web browser! AirwaySim does not install any software to your computer so you can access the game anywhere.

Game can be played with any normal modern web browser or mobile device.

Comprehensive aircraft & airport data

This airline management game includes realistic aircraft data that goes even down to aircraft performance details that are used in the game calculation.

AirwaySim contains worldwide airport and runway data so your airline can fly globally. Our database has 2800+ airports globally and nearly 500 current and historical aircraft models.

Economy and business simulation

The economy simulation of AirwaySim has been built to support various different scenarios with real background data like fuel prices and interest rates.

Our scenarios can range from simulated years of 1950 all the way to 2020, with corresponding aircraft, airports and geopolitical and economical changes.

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